• Massage Top to Toe
    • Physio Body Stress Release: release pain and Re-alignment  of posture-old patterns from trauma- accidents injuries-migraine-Fibrosis-Arthritis-muscular and nerve problems and Depression related disease
    • Deep Tissue De-Stress Massage
    • Shiatsu Acupressure Pressure Point
    • Lymph Drainage: removes toxins and cellulite water- retention improves blood circulation
    • Aromatherapy : A gentle and extremely relaxing massage using aromatic essential oils chosen for their specific qualities to suit your individual needs. Reflex points in your feet as well as acupressure points on the body and face are stimulated to enhance the treatment. Duration 90min
    • Indian Head Massage : Anyone who experiences neck pain and stiffness in the shoulders.
    • FacialsManicuresPedicures
    • Homeopathic : Nutritional slimming and beauty products

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