Healers Hands become attuned to Earth and Universal frequency and identifies triggers for dis-ease – we both resonate with this, thus healing is imminent at Atomic Level.
Healing can be received anywhere between sender and receiver … as there is no lag in time and space.

  • Pressure Point Technique:
    A re-allignment  of  postural and muscular distortion physically or psycho-somatic due to injury and trauma from medical surgery (a gentle healing technique for delicate painful areas as well as sports injuries)
  • Reflexology : This ancient art of stimulating the reflex points on the feet restores the body’s equilibrium and is ultimately very therapeutic and relaxing. A diagnostic technique to assess illness in all parts of the body (skeletal-organs-nerves-connecting and unblocking as well as breaking down toxic salt crystals that prevent proper use and integration holistically) Duration: 30 to 60 min
  • Chakra Balance & Meridian Acupressure:
    All chakras (Energy centers) need to be balanced in order to be one with all. Using Psychic Aura Reading and Pendulums I assess and restore imbalance.
  • Crystal & Colour Healing: An intuitive treatment using polarity therapy techniques, colour therapy and visualization to restore body, mind and spirit, and release emotional blocks which may be trapped in the cells-muscle tissue. Crystals have the ability to change negative charges- transforming it into positive life force which created deep healing  Duration: 60 min
  • Hot Stone Massage (Bio Markers) : Loadstones have magnetic polarity – aligning meridians and removing toxins cellularly.
  • Courses in Reflexology / Reiki (foundation of Anatomy & Physiology will be taught with these courses)

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